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Vitamins For Kids

If you want to know why vitamins for kids are being purchased like they were little miracles, most parents would probably tell you it is because they are. Anyone who has a child can attest to the stages that children go through in regards to their eating patterns. Some children can go weeks without eating anything but oatmeal, or peanut butter sandwiches, or macaroni. Other children are open to most meats, but refuse all vegetables. Or, they will eat fruit, but not meat.

Who knows what prompts a child to be a picky eater? The fact is no one does. Children just seem to know what they want, and they can be quite stubborn about the fact. Place a plate of

attractive colored vegetables in front of them, and it will just sit there. Despite pleas of parents, many children simply bow up and refuse to try new things. This leads many parents to question whether their child is receiving adequate nourishment, and for good reason. Most children do not consume the daily recommended allowances of food which is recommended for them.

However, offer these same picky eaters a kid’s vitamin and they will gobble it up like it is candy. Why are vitamins for kids so popular? It is because they do taste like candy. Children do not feel they are being forced to eat something they don’t like. In a kid’s mind, if it tastes good and it looks attractive they will eat it. Manufacturers recognize the importance of keeping our children healthy and they have gone the extra mile to bring kid friendly vitamins to the marketplace.

Vitamins for kids are taking the pressure off of parents. Generations ago parents would get into major battles with their children over their diets. Parents today can take a more relaxed approach to meal time if Junior or Suzie decides they are forgoing fruit for the day, or vegetables for a month! While nothing can truly take the place of quality, nutritious food, vitamins for kids are bridging the gulf.