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Vitamin Lollipops

The manufacturers of vitamins have found the trick to getting children to take their vitamins. They market their vitamins in fun shapes and in candy tasting flavors. Yet, this did not fool some children. These intelligent children knew they were taking vitamins, and some still refused to consume them. Vitamin manufactures realized that anything a child deemed as “medicine” would simply not be met with friendliness by some children.

The solution has finally come in the form of vitamin lollipops! No child would ever assume that a great tasting lollipop could be good for them. Yet, they are, and the great thing is that

children do not realize this. They look upon their (vitamin) lollipop as a treat. Many children are even prompted to eat their meals with the promise of a lollipop afterwards. They never suspect that they are eating better and enjoying the added benefit of a vitamin as a dessert.

Children seem to get smarter every day. If you are having trouble getting your child to take their kid’s vitamin, do a switch. Buy vitamin lollipops and place them in a snack jar. They will never think that these tasty treats are good for them. Your kids will be begging for a lollipop. This will certainly be a big change for you, as you will have to keep your child from consuming too many vitamins!

Since these lollipops are so tasty, you will have to ensure that your child does not sneak any on the side. Too many vitamins can be dangerous to a child’s health. So, when you purchase vitamin lollipops, make sure that you monitor their consumption. As with any medication or vitamin supplement, keep them out of the reach of children at all times.