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Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K is probably one of the lesser known vitamins. It is necessary in the body to make proteins that are used in blood clotting. When someone has a deficiency of vitamin K, it takes longer for your blood to clot. We receive vitamin K from green, leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, many individuals do not consume the proper amounts of cabbage, turnip greens, broccoli, lettuce and spinach they need, and a supplement is necessary. Science has discovered that vitamin K also works well on various skin problems when used in a cream form.

Vitamin K creams are fairly new to the marketplace. Individuals with skin problems are turning to vitamin K cream in droves.

They are finding that it helps to diminish broken capillaries in their skin, it reduces redness and it can even out their skin tone. Anyone who suffers from rosaceae or darkness under their eyes can greatly benefit from vitamin K cream. Vitamin K cream also works to help reduce bruising. This is wonderful for the individual who is prone to bruising due to hepatitis or other disease. Individuals who have spider veins in their legs are also seeing a marvelous reduction in their appearance when vitamin K cream was applied on a regular basis.

Vitamin K can be used on the face like any other cream. It is a great moisturizer. It can also be applied at night, or worn under makeup. Many individuals report that vitamin K cream has a skin firming affect. If you have discoloration of the skin, broken capillaries or spider veins, you should try vitamin K cream. Nothing is more natural than vitamins, or as safe. Vitamin K cream is economical and it should be the route first taken by individuals who are looking to correct skin problems.