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Vitamin C

Have you eaten the proper amount of vitamins and minerals today? The answer for many people is no. For this reason, you should probably add a vitamin supplement to your diet. One of the best vitamins you can start with is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a well-rounded vitamin that does much to promote energy and to fight off infections. Vitamin C has also been shown to reduce your risk of acquiring arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

Vitamin C greatly enhances the immune system. Having a strong immune system is essential to keeping you healthy. Vitamin C increases the activity of antibodies. Antibodies help kill viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C also increases the activity

of T-cells and white blood cells. Vitamin C also aids in cleaning up excessive free radicals which are in our body. Free radicals can bring about illness and disease.

Vitamin C can greatly reduce the symptoms you feel when you have a cold or flu. While Vitamin C does not protect your body from coming down with a cold, it can do much in shortening your sickness. Research tells us that if you take two to six grams of Vitamin C when you first feel the symptoms of the common cold, that you can reduce the duration of a cold by two to three days.

Anyone who suffers with allergies may want to add a Vitamin C supplement to their diet. Vitamin C has a slight antihistaminic effect. This means it can reduce your discomfort from red, itchy eyes. Anyone who suffers adverse reactions to over the counter antihistamines should add Vitamin C to their diet.

Vitamin C is wonderful for someone wanting a supplement which addresses many issues. Vitamin C is economically priced and it will not break the bank, either. Get your Vitamin C today!